Instant Rails. Upgrade to a better server.

Ok, let’s check the newest version of Instant Rails. Instant Rails 2.0′ components:

Our target: update PHP4.3.10 to PHP5.

Because it’s already MySQL 5 then we don’t touch to the MySQL folder.

Step 1: Download PHP5

Download binary PHP5 zip package from

Step 2: Backup

Stop Instant Rails and backup the old folder php in InstantRails by rename to "Php4"

Step 3: PHP 5 folder

Extract Php 5 folder, and copy to InstantRails folder, name it "Php"

Step 4: Loading new php5.

InstantRails -> Menu -> Configure -> Apache

+ Copy php.ini from you old php folder to you new PHP folder.

+ Edit it:

InstantRails -> Menu -> Configure -> Other -> PHP

Find and change three lines:

extension_dir = "${path}\php\extensions\"


# extension_dir = "${path}\php\extensions\"
# YOUR PHP5 have the extension folder is "ext"
extension_dir = "${path}\php\ext\"


LoadModule php4_module "${path}/php/php4apache.dll"


# LoadModule php4_module "${path}/php/php4apache.dll"
LoadModule php5_module "${path}/php/php5apache.dll"


AddModule mod_php4.c


#AddModule mod_php4.c
AddModule mod_php5.c

Restart Instant Rails

Check phpinfo


Step 5: Reconfigure the php for loading MySQL correct


Edit php.ini and add MySQL extension


Restart the Instant Rails and check phpinfo again


Well, mission accomplished.

P/S: phpinfo.php’s content:


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