[HowTo] CVS Server on UBUNTU

I have some troubles with installing CVS Server on UBUNTU. I will write steps here for a detail installation of CVS server.

1. We run as root:

su –

2. Update server:

apt-get update

3. Install:

a. Client

apt-get install cvs

b. Server

apt-get install cvsd

4. Configure if it is already installed:

dpkg-reconfigure cvsd

5. Setup the CVS root:

*: /var/lib/cvsd in this article is the directory that stores the repositories.

cvsd-buildroot /var/lib/cvsd

*: Remember change RootJail in /etc/cvsd/cvsd.conf or you will get a message like " server… rejected user … on "

vi /etc/cvsd/cvsd.conf

[change] RootJail /var/lib/cvsd

6. Restart CVS server

/etc/init.d/cvsd restart

7. Add a new repository

a. Create folder*

mkdir /var/lib/cvsd/newrepo

b. Permission

chown -R cvsd:cvsd /var/lib/cvsd/newrepo

c. Init

cvs -d /var/lib/cvsd/newrepo init

d. Register to CVS server

vi /etc/cvsd/cvsd.conf

[add line] Repos /newrepo

d. User

cvsd-passwd /var/lib/cvsd/newrepo +anuser

[Enter password]

e. Repository settings: no authentication

vi /var/lib/cvsd/newrepo/CVSROOT/config

[Change] SystemAuth = no

f. Restart server

/etc/init.d/cvsd restart

g. Test the repository

cvs -d :pserver:anuser@[theservername]:/newrepo login

cvs -d :pserver:anuser@[theservername]:/newrepo checkout

8. Delete a repository 

a. rm [repository path]

b. Remove in cvsd.conf

vi /etc/cvsd/cvsd.conf

[Remove line] Repos /[repository name]


*: Remember, the repository have to be under CVS root(/var/lib/cvsd) or you can not access to the repository


Oliver Huynh

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