Instant Rails 2.0 with PHP5

I develop several web application under Instant Rails. The problem is InstantRails 2.0 does not support PHP5. I’ve modified it to the version that support PHP5.

Steps :

1 – Extract a fresh Instant Rails 2.0 from the official website.

2 – Download PHP 5 binary for Windows

3 – Delete folder [Instant Rails Folder]/php

4 – Copy folder PHP5 content to [Instant Rails Folder]/php

5 – Copy [Instant Rails Folder]/conf_files/php.ini to [Instant Rails Folder]/conf_files/php4.ini

6 – Copy content of [Instant Rails Folder]/php/php.ini-recommended to [Instant Rails Folder]/conf_files/php.ini

7 – Open [Instant Rails Folder]/conf_files/php.ini

– Search include_path definition and add string:

include_path = ".;${path}\php\pear\"

– Change extension_dir

extension_dir = "${path}\php\ext\"

– Change upload_tmp_dir

upload_tmp_dir = "${path}/tmp/"

– Change session session.save_path

session.save_path = "${path}\tmp\"

– Enable MySQL


– Add signature content from Instant Rails from the head of php.ini

; ———————- IMPORTANT —————————;
; ${path} is used to specify Instant Rails installation path. ;
;                                                             ;
; PHP is included solely to support PhpMyAdmin. While there   ;
; is nothing stopping you from using PHP, we make no          ;
; guarantees except that PhpMyAdmin will run.                 ;

8 – Restart Instant Rails

9 – Done.

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