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Browser. Optimize Firefox

I have some problem with my Firefox. It always takes my memory at least 100M. Sometimes, it can raise to 300M and suddenly crashes. Gru…  My laptop’s memory is only 700M.

I have check several tips from the Internet. Below is my solution:

Go to firefox url bar. Enter the url:

about:config then click go

Search for these properties below and change its value. If you cannot find the property, just create it

Tip:  if the value is number => Right click on the panel, select New -> Integer, if the value is true/false => Right click on the panel, select New -> Boolean, if the value is a string => Right click on the panel, select New -> String 

config.trim_on_minimize = true
browser.sessionhistory.max_entries = 0
browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers = 0
network.http.pipelining = true
network.http.proxy.pipelining =true
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests = 30
nglayout.initialpaint.delay = 0
browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs = true

Check the result after open 7 tabs


It just takes 58M. Attractive result! Tags: ,

Firefox. Add custom search engine to search bar

0. Prepare a web-server in your computer.( Your web url example: http://kyhuynh/ )

1. Create the file contains your custom search informations:

I call this file: softcracks.xml

<Description>Software Cracks</Description>
<Image width="16" height="16" type="image/x-icon"></Image>
<Url type="text/html" method="GET" template="">
  <Param name="srch" value="{searchTerms}"/>
  <Param name="submit" value="+search+"/>

2. Create index.html and paste the code

<link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" href="http://kyhuynh/softcracks.xml" title="Software Cracks" />
Hello. This is only for custom search engine.

http://kyhuynh/ is your webserver

3. Test and add the custom search provider to firefox search bar.

a.  Add the search engine

b. Test the search engine

– Turn off the webserver. You don’t need it now.

– Change the search engine by click the searchroll.

– Press Ctrl+K and enter a word.

– Check the result.

– If it’s wrong,

– Modify your xml.

– Remove the search engine.

– Locate to your web and add it again.