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Custom Views exposed form for Drupal

Take a look at views.module, add a line you will be able to get all the themes

$form['#theme'] = views_theme_functions('views_exposed_form', $view, $display);

A small drupal MySQL snippet

select uid, (select value from profile_values where fid=24 and uid=pv.uid) as c_bpartner_id, value from profile_values pv where uid in (select uid from profile_values where fid=24) and fid=17 order by c_bpartner_id

Disable subject field in Drupal comment



function modulename_update_6203(){

    $items = array();

    $types = node_get_types('types', NULL, TRUE);

    foreach($types as $type) {        

        variable_set('comment_subject_field_'. $type->type, 0);


    return $items;